Cocooned in Misery
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2002-06-05 06:46:40 (UTC)


The fragrant of her beauty is mesmerizing. The tuch of
her soft lips, The look of her soul craving eyes, and the
kiss of passion she fills with our love. So many things
that keep's her far more amazing than any eyes could see..
far more breath taking than any hart could ever feel. Her
love is all I have dreamed of. All I have wished for. Even
down to the point to the sparkle's in her eyes.

Not to swich off the subject.. I plan on getting my band
back together soon. It is all on track , but running a
little late. Im Working on Two bands. One ask a back up
plan and one I call a job.. LOL. Just a few tweeks to fix
and we are back on track. Im doing all this at once and its
not working out to well right now. My soulmate in life
seems to feel this. But soon I will have everything to a
nice road. Brilliant.... yea right! I wish to think so..
One day maybe this life will be on a better road. As for
now I will walk through rain and water with my love by my
side. Always keeping an arm around her, So she is safe.
I saw her not to long ago and already I long for her Kiss.
This day is a new day and It will come and go just as every
other. But if I could put a smile on my beautiful companion
that would make all the difference.