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2002-06-05 05:46:25 (UTC)

i hate sluts

hmm...i hate life. i hate this place. im sick if sluts and
liars and hypocrites and assholes and 'bunny's and selfish,
inconsiderate ppl and children and lesbian co-workers and
just about everyone else. i came to the harsh realization
tonight that i DONT have 3 bff...only 2. and they have the
same name! once laurie goes back up north im gone. at least
for the summa. i was havin a good day till craig had to
fuck everything up. at least now everything can be done
with me and jay. i felt i was using him or
something. im so heated right now (lol)...i cant even think
straight. UGH! explain things...
me and laurie spent ALL weekend with jay and josh. today we
went to pine island and chilis and radio shack. me and
laurie wanted to go to the movies then mary got into it.
craig wouldnt leave work so i saw a few different ppl i
would of rather not seen and we couldnt go to the movie. by
the time we got to jay/josh's house josh had left with
*drum roll* BRITTANY! suprise. that got laurie pissed. i
didnt want them to see me cry (not about
that...about 'slut' and a certain person) so i locked
myself in my trunk. mary was talkin sooo much shit...even
took her earrings out. when the bitch/slut &
asshole/hypocrite got back i was the only one that would
say shit. laurie was too pissed and i guess mary was
somewhat 2-faced. she was actually bein nice to the bitch.
needless to say, i dont think im gonna be seein jay (or
goin to TB) very much anymore and im seriously
contemplating buying chalk and paying carlos to fuck up her
car a very vengeful person.

KB371 (1:06:26 AM): i have a headache
Lburna1222 (1:06:31 AM): me too!
KB371 (1:06:32 AM): and im still pissed
Lburna1222 (1:06:41 AM): i should have tried that stoge
Lburna1222 (1:06:45 AM): me to!
Lburna1222 (1:07:08 AM): i kno Josh prob said much more but
Craig didn't tell me
KB371 (1:07:26 AM): prolly...god im so sick of all this
stupid shit
Lburna1222 (1:07:37 AM): I'm still madd though

Lburna1222 (1:15:19 AM): i'm really upset wit jay and josh
Lburna1222 (1:15:31 AM): upset wit jay
KB371 (1:15:43 AM): im upset with all of them
Lburna1222 (1:15:58 AM): yeah me too
Lburna1222 (1:16:14 AM): i juss don't wanna think anymore
KB371 (1:16:24 AM): yeah

Lburna1222 (1:19:13 AM): Josh is gonna get his ...with
Christ anyways
KB371 (1:19:19 AM): yup
KB371 (1:19:29 AM): stupid hypocrite
KB371 (1:19:31 AM): :o

KB371 (1:21:51 AM): im not really tired...just upset
Lburna1222 (1:21:56 AM): i'm so heated.... i dunno what
mary waas thinkin eithier i jus saw her talkin to her i was
like what the hell is going on...
KB371 (1:22:27 AM): i dont even really care
anymore...theyre all selfish
Lburna1222 (1:22:36 AM): Did u see them all come up to ur
car when we were gettin ready to leave?
KB371 (1:23:26 AM): yeah...that pissed me off...and that
stupid slut expected me to come over to her car?
KB371 (1:23:34 AM): lmao!
Lburna1222 (1:24:05 AM): YEAh i kno u told her no then
she's like ahh yeas
KB371 (1:24:24 AM): lol
KB371 (1:24:28 AM): i hate bitches
Lburna1222 (1:24:32 AM): lol
Lburna1222 (1:24:36 AM): lol
Lburna1222 (1:25:07 AM): i juss wanna cry...:-(
Lburna1222 (1:25:11 AM): wahhhh
KB371 (1:25:19 AM): im all outta tears

Lburna1222 (1:33:21 AM): i don't understand how that can b
KB371 (1:34:59 AM): u werent wrong...he was wrong for
leading u on and bein a hypocrite...u had every right to
get pissed...i would hit the stupid slut if i were i
would hit HIM!!!
Lburna1222 (1:35:23 AM): LOL
Lburna1222 (1:36:04 AM): i would of trust me...if she would
of hit anyone first i would of snuffed her
Lburna1222 (1:36:10 AM): lol
KB371 (1:36:43 AM): lol...yea...i WISH she woulda hit me!
Lburna1222 (1:37:13 AM): noo..then we would of had to beat
her badly!!!and that wouldn't b pretty!!
KB371 (1:37:44 AM): it would be fun tho :-D

KB371 (1:39:36 AM): *sigh* tonight was shitty...:-(
Lburna1222 (1:39:45 AM): "shitty"
Lburna1222 (1:40:01 AM): :-( yes i kno iwas there..:-(
KB371 (1:40:30 AM): i wanna go back to my trunk!!!!
Lburna1222 (1:40:38 AM): lol take me with you...

(LBurna1222 is Laurie btw)

on a happy note...i have tomorrow off, the new pages start
next monday, mrs alleyne was at the library and she told me
i passed math and i joined Kindred's Street Team thing.

i guess ill go now...prolly wont end up goin to sleep
tonight. gah.


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