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2002-06-05 05:36:35 (UTC)

...to packing at 1:31am

one night.
there have been so many of them.
but this night. is tonight.
and its one without her.
amazing to me that i spent almost 18 years of nights.
without her.
and this one.
this single night
seems so foreign.
where do i put my legs.
my head.
how do you sleep without the one you love?
how can i sleep knowing shes in a different bed.
in a different room.
a different area code.
i dont know what sleepy shirt is tonight.
or if shes warm.
what if the zebras come?
and some girl continues to kick it to me online.
hey long time no chat.
hey lets go to southern.
all the reasons i hate people. are the exact reasons i find
so much love for her.
she isnt just a girl.
she isnt just my girlfriend.
shes her.
and shes more than anyone i have ever met.
almost a year. and everyday i learn something new.
everyday she surprizes me. makes me laugh. cry. makes me
angry. question myself. she makes me feel alive.
i have never felt so much emotion for anyone or anything in
my entire life.
shes beautiful.
im rambling.