Like a book
2001-06-15 15:51:19 (UTC)

time to babble


It's not coming, the psycho speil that I write just isn't
coming, today is Friday, a time of rest, peace and clubbers
who actually have lives outside the workplace, so the exams
were ok (I failed most of them) and I really don't care
about anything at the moment, I just want to peel sticks and
decorate them with ink pen (if anyone copys that idea I
shall personally kick their ass because I've been going to
kung-Fu religously for a couple of weeks now)

I think that's it, i'm glad I've written something else, a
vampire story, read it at by doing author
search:sims the title's Teacher, don't forget to review!
(shameless plug I know, but like you know me outside of this
2D world of words and misplaced wisdom.