cosmic ski slopes
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2001-06-15 15:50:08 (UTC)

Finally! something like good news!

I went over a friends house on the 13th... after school to
go swimming (This heat has been scorching lately!).
When we got there we went online and nick was online,
so I said hi and told him who it was since i was on my
friends name. So he didn't say anything back (even
though he didn't have an away message up...) and jen
(my friend) got on and told him to get his 'booty' over
there to talk to me. no response. so finally we decided
to STOP waiting on him and go out to swim, so we did.
and when we got back in after an hour or so there were
messages for us waiting. Went like this:
aquaholic****: Hey baby!
Away msg: We're outside right now, be back in about an
aquaholic****: OMG! I love you so much! I miss you!
aquaholic****: Hello? Okay, you're still outside.
aquaholic****: I g2g, but I love you so much!
aquaholic**** has logged offline.

so he loves me... men aren't pure evil scum anymore :)
my life is back to being half way sane... god, what would
I do without him??

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