the magenta files
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2002-06-05 05:00:26 (UTC)

the rest of before

(*stop. let cate online. take shower.*)i was supposed to
talk to GG more but he's gone now...haha, little
irony...being gone..but i don't think he's gone...just not, i have learned, many times, the hard way..the
hard ways..not to ever make someone your confidante, even
if they don't mind...but i guess to just let one be (your
confidante. i do not know, my dear.
A: how you'd doing?
me:i'm ok
me:i was really tired physically and now i am not
physically tired at all..
A: oh
me:but now am mentally tired which is bad cuz my mind
wants to sleep and my body won't let it
-i just pu that in cuz i was writing that to a friend just
now i reread what i wrote and think it is very dumb and
wish to erase it, but i will not. i will not be able to
sleep but i will go to bed anyway. zodiac is a pretty cool
word. god save patricia quinn.

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