Eternity in an Hour
2002-06-05 04:43:51 (UTC)

A long day

It's been a long, long day today. Hopefully I will sleep
the sleep of the righteous. ;) It sure would beat the
sleep of the jetlagged, which is what I've been having
since catching this miserable cold. Sleepless until five
in the morning, and then dead to the world until an hour
before noon...it just ain't right! *sigh* For one thing,
there's no one to talk to around at that hour of the
Oh, well. Bounced out of bed at ten this morning and
attempted to drown my sorrows in the shower. Hot water
cures all ills. ;) And it's not even a depressent,
Then I fooled around online for a bit. I finally found the
missing segment to the Evening Prayer from Dylan Thomas'
Under Milkwood.
It's a good thing, too, because when we stopped by the
library this afternoon, guess what? They didn't have it.
But it's such a beautiful poem/song/piece.... I have it on
a CD, set to the Troites chant. Just transcendently
lovely. Sian James sings it on her CD 'Pur', one of my
I'd like to learn it on triple harp...working on the tune
and all. I'm also working on 'The Silkie', which is a
Scottish aire and lullaby, and an evil strathspey out of
the Scottish Harp Society's newsletter. Evil
strathspey. 'Lady Binning' might even have been
preferable. Wretched Scottish snaps....
Anyway, back to my day. After a bit, Mom and I drove out
to the library (after a humorous-now interval of me
thinking I killed the car--no such thing, it just needed to
be started and not simply in electronics-on mode...) and
met our friends as planned.
I went on the hunt for several books I was looking for, and
found exactly none of them. This sucked up so much of my
time that I was forced to leave with only five books.
Bah! But I did check out only one old favorite--Diana
Wynne Jones' 'Eight Days of Luke' and am trying a new
author and an old favorite author in a difference genre.
Mom picked up a lot of movies, including a really cheesy
one, which my brother and I will soon watch. Queen of
Outer Space. And it looks cheesily bad......
Anyway, after that, we stopped by Evan's Pharmacy for some
fresh lemonade. /Nobody/ but nobody makes lemonade as good
as Evan's. Better than homemade.
Then we headed over to Wal-Mart. Our purpose? To pick out
some new glasses frames for me, as I have to have a new
prescription. *sigh* My friend Hetty was brought along
for critiquing, as well as her mom and mine. I can't see
the bloody frames in the mirror with my glasses off, so
I've always had to get my glasses solely on other people's
Anyway, I found a lovely pair in a kind of steely navy
blue, wide oval frames, very nice. It was unanimous amidst
the peanut gallary that this was The Pair, so...those I
got. New prescription soon. Ah, to be able to read the
street signs again... It'll be quite a change from my
(still oval-shaped) metallic mahogany frames. I hope.
Then we shopped for groceries. For hours. Mom's still on
crutches, so she got herself an electric
wheelchair/cart/scooter kind of thing. Good idea, except
it died halfway through the store. I had to go on the
Quest for the Customer Assistance Lady and wandered over
half a mile of store. At last, I found one, and disaster
was averted.
Finished up the day with a slice of my brother's homemade
bread, a little sangria-flavored soda, and the end of
Mercedes Lackey's Bedlam's Bard. Not a bad day after all!