life as it is
2002-06-05 04:17:22 (UTC)


Summer is boring. Got a new car, made some new friends. M
is becoming a hypocrite. He was all like "dont cuss" when
he had just finished telling me that he was gonna get
drunk. I swear. I met some new guys that go to other
schools. F and D. They're both hot, but I dont know if they
could ever like me. God i hate myself so much. Whats wrong
with me? i cant believe it was a year ago that I was with
Alex. Time has gone by so quickly. im so tired and bored i
just cant handle it anymore, I dont know what to do. ugh,
kill me now. W told me he lieks me. I like him as a friend
but i have no physical attraction and hes annoying. Why
dont i have any friends?