girl with the bullet proof heart

the contents of my twisted soul
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2002-06-05 03:43:27 (UTC)

today was peachy

today was actually not too peachy. this is my first
journal entry. i always thought these things were for
people with no lives.. but then it hit me that my life is
about as pathetic as any other web-surfing diaryist, so im
giving it a shot.
i found out that my ex-bf has a new girlfriend, so thats
why he refuses to talk to me anymore. i got him to talk to
me by pretending to be someone else(haha..sucker!) when i
told him it was me, he said he already guessed by the way i
was bitching at him.. i took it as a compliment. =)
whatever. now maybe i can atleast get him off my mind... 1
week of school left! i cant wait, but exams are gonna suck
ass, esp. since i haven't taken exams since the 6th grade
and im in 10th now. (lazy me) i bought an x-games
skateboard yesterday, which was maybe a bad investment
since i dont know how to skate! hopefully one of the guys
will teach me.

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