my adventures
2001-06-15 15:11:58 (UTC)

why is life always a soap opera and never a good movie?

so last night i was with my roommate, my car broke down
earlier and she had come to pick me up from class and she
said somehting about dom and that he was mad at me or
something. . . which i thought was weird because the last
time we were together we were both being bitches but it was
pretty equal i thought so why be mad? but apparently he was
holding a grudge and not speaking to me which makes no sense
because he was apparently taking some stand against me by
giving me the cold shoulder but i didn't even notice. so i
decide to be the bigger person and call him when we got home
and see what was up and i called and asked him why he was
shit talking me to my roommate and if he was really mad why
didn't he say something to me and also i sort of took issue
with why he was mad i didn't see that i had done anything
all that wrong in the first place. so i said all that and
he is too smart to just let it go, no, he has to drag it all
around in the mud and make it tons worse so there we were
fighting on the phone about nothing which then turned into
him telling me that i am a tactless bitch and that i treat
him like shit apparently all the time and i said something
to the effect that i didn't want to fight with him and he
said that he didn't want to fight with me either and that
that was why he hadn't talked to me because h just wanted to
get over it and then be cool again. too bad i called him
because i said i was sorry and he said that that is not what
he wanted to hear (he doesn't believe in apologies) and i
said , then what do you want to hear? and he said,
"nothing!!!!" so i said fine, hear nothing, and hung up and
then he didn't call back and neither did i so i guess
technically we aren't speaking which sucks on several levels
because alot of my friends from home are coming today and i
wanted them to meet dom and now they won't be able to. i'll
call him i guess. ack.