daydream disbeliever

Mad Ramblings From a Blithering Idiot
2002-06-05 02:23:50 (UTC)

Here Comes the Rain Again

Yes, I do regret it. All of it. He dumped me Saturday
night after blowing me off and ignoring me for four days
afterward. I was fed up with his crap and was going to
issue an ultimatum, but I made the mistake of having a
really shitty day and getting drunk, therefore turning
myself into a crying mess. Too drunk to ask questions as
to why he did any of it. I really only remember saying
through my sobs that "You're just like him and just like my
dad." He hugged me but I didn't hug back. I wish I had.

And just like last year, I'll never get a real
explanation as to why it happened. I don't what the hell
is wrong with me. I get dumped on the same week of the
year that Brian picked to end it.

I can't write any more of this. Maybe later, as I can't
begin crying in front of my sisters.