Ad 2:
2002-06-05 01:58:10 (UTC)

about a girl.

eating noodles.

yes. i borrowed a couple of hundred dollars from them.


i cant stay here anymore.
less than an hour and im going crazy.

i feel so helpless.
i hate it.
i hate most everything right now.

i just want to fall asleep in her arms.
thats when i feel free.
thats when the equations that dont add up.
dont matter.
and the most important decision of my mind.
is deciding what spot to kiss on her head.
and whether or not.
i want to sleep through the night.
or stay awake watching her
in the room cluttered with darkness.
as the stress from her life.
and her day. is let go.
and the pure beauty of her soul.
is all that is left on her face.