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2002-06-05 01:18:30 (UTC)

Too many mothers

Seth bitches at me constantly because I smoke pot. He
lectured me and lectured me until I stopped talking to him.
Now he has other people lecturing me to the point where I
need to smoke just to bring my stress levels down because I
have people lecturing me. Constantly. Today I was basically
told that I sleep around. Oh really? I've only had sex once
but okay, me sleeping around is news to me! I love how
everyone knows what I can handle {sarcasm}and I love how
everyone is "so worried about me" that "the people I hang
out with" are a "bad crowd" and will get me killed. God.
What stupid, shallow, close-minded people. They piss me
off. It's like I have my own mother to lecture me about
stuff like that. I don't need everyone else saying that
they care about me and don't want me to get hurt because
it's bullshit. If they care about me then they need to
understand that they can't lecture me and make me feel like
shit to stop doing things that take away all that bullshit.

{End Of Entry, feeling pissed and mothered}

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