Jena's Rants
2001-06-15 12:25:26 (UTC)

Don't rain on the Drag Queen's Parade!!!

My poor buddy, we will call him the Drag Queen (cause that
is what he is) will be very sad today - b/c it's going to
rain all day on his parade. What parade you ask??? Oh
well, the Gay Pride Parade, and if you have anything fucked
up to say about it then you can deal with me, and I feel
very sorry for you if that is how you want to meet your
maker. Today is a very very special day, because I
received a wonderful email from a very wonderful person
whom I look up to and gave me the idea for the entire basis
of my website
His "name" is Les U. Knight and he is the man behind the
VHEMT website, which is pure genious mind you. This is
what he wrote:

Jena has found her mind! Fun site.

For a better world,

Les U. Knight, Editor, These EXIT Times
P.O. Box 86646 Portland OR 97286-0646
Phone: DELETED (cause you can't have it, nahnahnabooboo)
Web site:

Wowey zowey, who could ask for more?! Have a bitchin'
weekend kiddos. Remember Jena loves you, so send $5
dollars to my fund:

1234 Crazy Muthafucka Drive
Da Hood of B-More, Maryfuckingland

Remember this money goes towards the eradication of
Mormons, Hare Krishna's (Hairy Christians haha), and the