Diablos Journal
2002-06-04 23:50:38 (UTC)

Only 4 more days!

Tuesday June 4, 2002

Yay.. Okay I only have one more full day of school left!!!
Yuck.. But I'm not celebrating yet because I still have
Thursday's exams Friday's exams and Monday's exams! Woke up
as usual. Waited for my bus. 1st period, we did some dumb
ass strip story for our oral exam. According to Mrs.
Schaffer that's 25% of our exam grade. It was just dumb!
2nd period, we played a game about English (blahhh).. 3rd
period wrote notes to Shannon and watched Jurassic Park. I
still think that little boy should of died, but what are
you going to do? 4th period.. I had another piece of greasy
pizza. It's good but.. Greasy! Lunch.. Nothing interesting
happened in that class. 5th period we reviewed for our
exams. 6th period, studied Spanish and did my homework for
that class. 7th period.. Well I don't really wanna go there
at all.!!! Then I studied.. (lol) Ha ha ha ha....

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