2001-06-15 10:36:25 (UTC)

Making it

Well he is gone,and the stress level has dropped the belief
that a man can do this to his family will never really sink
in..Gods help has been wonderful i feel good and am getting
through each day with out constant thoughts about him....He
has to work this one out on his own,,,everyone here
including myself has done nothing to bring this on...True
it is sad to watch your father and husband act like this
and be on the reseiving end of his pain,,,I hope and pray
he is not sick...Its in the mans hand up above,,,,Have to
work today,and off for the weekend,,,,going to find
something to do with the kids....Hope today at work is
abusy as it was yesterday,,,the day flys...well maybe i
will write tonight,,,we shall see,,,bye for now