The Diary Of Sam Gonzales
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2002-06-04 22:54:21 (UTC)

Josh, Chris and Shannon

Let's start off with Josh. He's my friend Sam Przekop's
bf and he likes me(or did like me). The thing is is that i
liked him too(I don't anymore)and because he liked me Sam
and him are on a break. I'm sorry for saying it but she
shouldn've broken up with him a long time ago. She's given
him way too many chances. Sam gets on my nerves sometimes
but even I think she deserves better than Josh. He's a good
for nothing, perverted, son of a bitch who deserves to be
alone for the rest of his life.

Now we'll get to Chris. I've known Chris since the fourth
grade but after fifth grade we lost touch. In the fourth
grade I liked him and he was my first big big crush. I
don't know if Chris ever liked me but it always seemed as
if he did. I saw him for the first time in about a year the
day of the play that Drama Club was doing. We flirted A
LOT! That's when I started to like him again. Sadly,
however, he doesn't like me back. I've really tried to get
over him but I just can't.

"No one can stop me from loving you... not even you."

Finally we get to Shannon. Shannon's a guy, not a girl. I
met him when we were singing in a chorus 8 concert. He was
my friend ,Nhi's, friend. We talked together most of the
time there. That was the first day I saw him and that was
when I started to like him. He was amazing and he still is
to me. The best part is is that he likes me too. There's
just one problem... he can't go out with me because of his
religion. Sucks, doesn't it? I've tried to get over him and
i have... FOR ABOUT A DAY! Then I start to like him again.
I like him now and I don't care anymore. I didn't think
that I could wait that long for him but if I have to then I

That's all for now! See you tomorrow! Bye!