A Princess
2001-06-15 08:55:41 (UTC)


Im still kinda dead and its not good, being ill's no fun you
cant go out with ur buds and even skools nore fun than just
laying in bed all day. Ive come to the decsion that my dad
wont get rid of the internet because Im the only girl around
& I can cry on que ;) The consequences of losing the
internet are too high and its something Im not gonna let
happen. I feel so bad & need some1 to cheer me up :( Vicky &
Emma can cheer me up easily but they're at skool and the
only other guy who can put a smile on my face at all
circumstances is sleeping...I iwsh I could see him sleeping
as stupid as it seems, hes got the shexiest voice going & my
next job is to force him to buy a mic...muhahahaha. He most
have the best personality around, truthfully I really dont
know anybody with a better one, hes kind and considerate and
well I could go on but its for me to know because he mine
and....well like not urs so dont think about it. The worst
thing is, americans seem to have this priviledge of being
amazingly beautiful and unfortunately to but it bluntly us
english dont. nope we really dont have it :( Chris's girl
friends are like wow,lol believe me I know from james n
matts facial expressions. And if thats nothing...yikes,lol
:( Anyway I really have to go, im off 2 the doctors I have
ezcema or however u spell it, I think kelly infected me cos
ive never had it b4...Well better go for now,
Love ya'z Diary dude,