Visions Of Life
2002-06-04 22:41:18 (UTC)

Ebony God


Ive had a pretty good today. My head is killing me but im
not really depressed. Im not really happy but at some weird
middle ground.

I was at 7-11 today and saw the hottest black guy. He was
an ebony god. I would have sucked his dick right there in
line if it was within the realm of reality. lol. yum yum yum

i dont have alot to write at this moment.. im hoping things
stay alright..and i really hope i find a job this week..

17 days till my birthday!! Mark it on your calendat! June
21!! Yay!!

One thing I noticed.. And Im not high so we cant blame herbal
influence on this one.. lol.. Every person i hang out with has seen
me naked, either through internet pictures, sex, school locker rooms
or random acts of sober nakedness. (Random acts of drunken nakedness
usually involve produce, silly putty, liquid latex and a potato)

Im in a pensive yet semi happy mood. Yeeeaaaaahhh.

Just the smell of his cologne makes me horny.. Note to self, forget
the dildo.. just bring the cologne to bed...

I need to finish writing my sabbat ceremony for right around my
birthday. I so do not have what i need. I guess Ill have to
improvise.. I do need to find an isolated outdoorsy place where i
wont get arrested for celebrating the goddess and god.. Damn
republicans.. They are to blame for everything that zaps a persons
freedom and individuality. lol.. I mean, ooh. She doesnt believe in
god.. ooh, she watches porn.. ooh, she wears all black and, gasp, she
doesnt care about money. Lets arrest her and use her for slave labor
in the depths of the white house bacement cuz Bush needs more money.
ya know, he needs more crack and christain porn. Its wholesome i tell
ya. *laughs* Remind me to elaborate on christain porn at a later date.

And now Im off to create. Ta ta