GoOd TiMeZ & bAd
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2002-06-04 21:52:49 (UTC)

iN tHe EnD

well now i havent written in quite a while. a lot of things
have changed and i am happier now. well i got back from my
trip to dallas. the tripp was sort of boring but i got a
lot of cute clothes. well anyways i broke up w/ madison. he
told me later on after we broke up that he had hooke up w/
this girl but i didnt believe him cuz he was high. anyways
i went bowlin w/ chris and byrce and we had so much fun.
well chris was acting very flirtatious. well i asked him if
he liked me and all and he told me that he did so i told
him that i liked him anyways i said if we both like
eachother why havent u asked me out and he told me that he
tried to and i was like well if u had asked me out then i
would have definitly remembered. lol. anyways i was so
happy with what his profile says it says Marital Status:
i'll wait ( you know who you are) i was so happy. but i
hope that he was talking about me. lol. that would suck if
he wasnt. okay well im gonna go. i will talk to you later!

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