SuGaR RuSh
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2002-06-04 21:47:29 (UTC)

wow what a day

oh wow this moring was great then my cd player fell outta
my locker when the gang was thar and it broke but it still
plays...then i 4got bout my bio thank god it wasent due and
then in lunch im gettin catsup LOL and mikes gf was like r u julie?
and i was like ya (cuz i am :) ) and shes like i never called u a
bitch i dun even know who u r blah blah blah and i was like its ook i
dont care anymore...i dont hate her but i dont wanna talk 2 her!
thenn i came home and my dad had 2 go 2 the dr. and he came
home and he siad the dr.'s think he has lime disease...:(
im sad...buttttt thennnn marty IMed me and asked me if i
wanted 2 do sumthin on fri AHHHHHH sooo happy nowww hmm
welll im blahh lol its so hott out bye

"u have such a big talent" lol