My inner most thoughts...
2001-01-02 02:46:05 (UTC)

Dear Diary, My inner most..

Dear Diary,
My inner most thoughts... what does that truly
mean? do we really have inner thoughts and beauty amongst
our own self? Inner beauty... does that even exsist or is
that just a figment of our imagination? Do we make up all
that is around us in our mind kind of like what we do in
our dreams? Is anything real? If so... Where do we come
from? Why can't we remember anything before our first
thoughts at like 5 or 6? Where do we go after we die? Do we
just kind of fall off the face of this earth?... on I know
the whole "we were in heavn" and "o u have a vail that
covers all ur mememorys" but I want to know other reasons
reasons that seem realistic. Can anyone answer my