2002-06-04 21:19:15 (UTC)


Well, I got paid for doing nothing today. Beth and I went
down to the Red Cross building and learned cpr and first
aid. I guess thats not nothing, but I was sitting on my
butt all day so it just felt like nothing. We got a break
at 12, so me and her went to Hardees for lunch. After
class ended, I went to Target and got my niece a Pooh
fleece blanket for her baby. I'm not sure what she has,
but I'm sure she'll get use out of it. When you have
children, you can never have enough stuff? You know what
thats all about huh? I think I'm gonna wait until she
released from the hospital before I give it to her. I
don't know what kind of schedule her and the baby's father
have worked out, but I would think that she would have it
to take home for a little bit. I'm a great uncle, is that
odd? I guess nothing is that odd in todays world anymore.
I haven't heard anything from my girl lately. Not saying
that I expected to, its just that I like to write that
stuff down coz its on my mind. I am hoping that this week
will fly by so maybe I will hear something from her next
week. I wonder if her and him are fighting? If so, I hope
she is feeling ok. I don't want to see her too much
unhappy. She started off as my friend, so, just speaking
as a friend, I'm behind her 100%. If she lets me be
anything more than that, well then, I'll be beside her
100%. Even if I'm not RIGHT beside her right now. Keep
your head up. Do what you love to do. Don't let anybody
tell you who or what you are. Believe in yourself and you
can do no wrong. Take care. Love you, BYE!!!