2002-06-04 21:16:51 (UTC)


HomeStarRunner. You are asking who is HomeStarRunner? he
is a cartoon and he has his own web site it is
homestarrunner.com on the intro there is a song it goes
like this EveryBody, EVERYBODY, Everybody. Then after they
sing everybody HomeStar comes out and says EVERYBODY
LAGHING ALL DAY NOW. He sounds like a little kid. His
girlfriend is Marzipan. His friends are Strong bad, Strong
sad, Strong mad, Pom-pom, The Cheat, CoachZ,Buds, and the
king of town. I will tell you about each one. Homestar he
is funny. Strong bad he likes to say crap and he doesnt
like anybody. Marzipan she is a feakin hippy. Strong sad
fat, he is an eleaphate, and he looks like a marshmellow.
Strong mad mad all the time. Pom-pom he is a buble. The
Cheat he cheats. coachZ he is not really a coach he thinks
it sounds cool. Buds likes to dance. and the king of town
eats a lot please go on homestarruner.com he is waiting