Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2002-06-04 16:03:36 (UTC)

I am a Bleeding Heart...

So, the question of being a nice guy has come up.
And I have to say, that yes, I am one of those poor
pathetic souls. You know the ones...

The guys who treat women with respect, and yet
finish last. Damn I need to find some danger. But
are you ready Danger Boi? I think not...

I have been called many things, and I think the worst
yet, is being called a Nice Guy, oh the intonations of
it are scathing beyond all the worst torments that
I can imagine..

Damn it all to hell...

I am a nice guy, looking for a nice girl. I know of at
least 4 GRRLS, that I would love to start something

And by start something with, I mean... What do I mean?

Okay, first off, in a relationship, I think that being friends
with the person you want to be with helps, alot. More
relationships that I know of, where you are friends first
and then lovers later, seem to work out better....

Now this is not true all the time, or I'd have had 20 lovers
already and been none the worse off for it either...

So, what to do about it?

You know, I don't know....

And it should be all right for me not to...

So why do I feel like an idiot?

Oh wait... I am an Idiot...

Not completely tho..

Just a little...