Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2002-06-04 15:55:10 (UTC)

I am Jack...

Dripping from the pain and torment
of a good relationship gone bad. Once
perhaps it was meant to be, now but
a farce not to be believed...

Raging in agonizing defeat, our hero
me, comes out swinging, the reaper,
commeth forth looking for blood, left,
right, jab, hook. Let's spar "O" mighty
death, lets get it on, lets dance the
and kill this painfilled wreck....

Softly spinning his wheels in the black
pitch darkness, Jack screams, oh, the rage
oh, the torment, oh please. There is no
on here to save you my boi, no one says
the cloaked figure of death...

But our Gallant hero, speeds forth
into the night, dreaming of something
or someone to hold during the dreams
from which nothing is safe. I know that
somewhere she is out there...

Where do I go to find this beautiful soul?

Where is Jack's Lucid Nightmare?

Where has She gone?