Meshed Up
2002-06-04 15:29:43 (UTC)


i don't like the fact that i'm so readable sometimes. wish
i can conceal myself better. but most of the time, the
truth will come out no matter how hard you try to conceal

my eyes are tired. it was pretty cold today. tasted
chocolate cheesecake again tonight. sweet on my tongue and
dry on my throat. enjoyable nonetheless.

so i guess sleeping on the bed of a member of the opposite
sex is immoral. nelson said it is. another friend of mine
said it is. hmm i never thought that it was immoral. i used
to think it was only immoral if the guy and the girl slept
on the bed together...but not when only one person is on
the bed.

we all have our dues to pay.


i looked out at the river tonight and watched the lights of
the city shimmer and blur into one big haze. the wind was
cold. i lost myself.

my dad said i should work on my character before anything
else: integrity, dependability, and most of all,
generosity. there are many things that i don't know..and
many things that i am not.

we hardly meet respectable people nowadays.