random mumblings
2002-06-04 13:24:12 (UTC)

it's ironic...

it never fails! everytime it's laundry day and i wear
mismatching socks and ripped clothing to work, some girl
that i'm mildly interested in emails me and wants me to
meet her for something after work. last night it was MC
and no i didn't get any sex (i blame that entirely on my
shabby appearance...yeah right, like i was gonna get some
anyways, but you never know). with that, it's laundry
time. oh yeah! and i've got 12 people coming to my
birthday party on saturday so far, obviously julie's not
coming cause she broke up with kevin, but basically
everyone else is, except jen and lee, but i'll see what i
can do about that :) plus vicki's bringing her sister,
and they're gonna "whore it up" so we'll see how that
goes ;)