2002-06-04 13:23:57 (UTC)


Hi y'all! We just woke up from our siesta! A necessary
part of life in Italy! The other day Kari and I went to
the other side of town which is way better! Not so many
people and there are TREES! We went to the Boboli gardens
and wandered around. We took the city bus over a first for
me! Then when we came home we did laundry. When Kari
started hers we were all taking a seista and low and
behold when we woke up our apt was flooded! Apparently our
washer doesn't work so well. We also flooded the resturant
below us it sucked SO BAD! Oh well..haha
Yesturday we went to Lake Tarimenso or something like
that! IT was a pretty huge lake and it was really clear,
similar to Clear lake! We just hung out there for the
afternoon. Then we came back and went our drinking with
Julie and Jesse, our professor. That was interesting,
haha! We met these girls from France so that was pretty
cool! And these Italian guys really liked us, they were
Today we saw the Medicci chapels after lecture and of
course ya know that was the same old shit:) Then we had our
seista and we are off to visit a bunch of other places,
churches, paintings uGGGGG!