My inner most thoughts...
2001-01-02 02:30:55 (UTC)

Dear Diary, I am once again..

Dear Diary,
I am once again lost in my great web of confusion
where nothing makes sence and nothing ever will. Why am I
here? I'm looking for answers and I find if I lie here long
enough in my great stupidity I find all the answers I need
to all the never ending questions. I tend to pick the few I
need in life at that moment and leave. Why do I find that I
need to do this... cause sometimes we need all the answers
in the palm of our hand and learn not to use them all at
once... Sometimes in our life we need to learn to use self
control. Some of us know what that is and others are if I
want it I'll get it now matter what kind of people. No
matter what kind of person you are you always have choices
sometimes u make the right choices and other times u turn
down the wrong path and are lead away by the darkness but
we have to remember theres always a way back. Theres always
a way to make it right again.To corect the wrong. Well I
must depart from your side but just think on the things I
have said.