Thoughts from Blue Angel
2001-06-15 04:12:37 (UTC)

Shocking (Or Not So Shocking) News

Mom has been best friends with a guy she works with for
years. His wife is a complete bitch. She always goes out
of her way to flip Mom off or made some kind of rude
comment to her. In fact, he isn't allowed to even talk to
my mom, and dad felt the same way about it when he was
alive. But, they've continued to be best friends, and Mom
is always talking about him.

They've been telling us all along that there's nothing
more to it, although no one was stupid enough to believe
that. He came to our house a couple weeks ago just to talk
to Mom while Crystal and I were at work and his wife was in
Texas. (I won't comment any further, because I don't know
what happened, and I don't want to.)

Well, today Mom tells me that he's leaving his wife for
her. That is, unless she threatens to kill herself or
something. She mentioned how while he was here, they
discussed where his daughter would sleep, ect. Who knows
how long they've been planning it, telling us all the time
that they were only friends.

It's not that I don't like him. I don't really know him,
and he seems nice enough. He gets along better with
Crystal. In fact, he thinks I'm the bashful one. Isn't
that a laugh? I just never figured he cared much about ACT
scores and Madrigal Feastes compared to basketball games.
Besides, I've seen him like half a dozen times in my life.

He has 2 daughters, both my age, and one son. I think
he's 4 or 5... maybe older. One daughter would move in,
one would stay with her mom, and the little boy would visit
every other weekend. I like the thought that Mom won't be
alone, but I hate the thought of people I barely know
moving in. It would take the hominess out of home. Not to
mention that it might look bad for this to happen right
after Dad died. But then again, who knows?

It's just kinda shocking, yet at the same time, it's
not. I've known that they've been in love since they've
worked together. If they thought they were hiding it, they
were wrong. It's just hard thinking about coming home from
college to find that "home" doesn't really exist anymore.

I guess this is just going to be another change in my
life. Nothing will ever be the same ever again. But then
again, maybe that's a good thing.