Spyderman of this century

the story
2002-06-04 07:12:23 (UTC)

long long day

well, today was really long, partly becuase it hasnt been
just one day, but the past 2 days. i just havent slept
any. not since the very lil sleep i got sunday mornin.
last night a friend i hadnt seen forever stopped by, like
right as i got home, so we headed out and about, found an
old arcade game. its cool as hell. i guess he worked on it
a lil today, and it works, it jsut has a few minor
glitches, but were gonna fix em. im hopin he ends up not
wanting it in his house, cuase theres really not room for
it. i want it, im gonna take it w/ me to western in the
fall if i get to take it back. we ended up driving around
till 7 this morning, collecting speakers out of old radios
and shit, because this week is trash week in town, so
everyones throwing out there old shit. we ended up w/
somethin like 20 speakers. all of em really old. we still
have 2 left, that we couldnt blow. well, i could have
blown one of em, but my friends gonna out it in his truck,
he traded me a CB for it. so i need to get that hooked up
and workin. hmmm, well me and my mom discussed my finances
a lil today, she told me i could get away w/ spendin 40 a
week, and still be able to pay off my bills before i leave
in august. so thats cool. but tongiht, i was talkin to
some friends, and now were thinking we gotta head back to
the strip bar once more before we all leave for school
again, we did it over christmas break, and it was fun as
hell. we all had a blast. well, there aint much more to
say, so im gonna go find somethin a lil more constructive
to do, HAHAHA, yeah right, im just gonna go sit on my ass
and watch tv as always, even though i really should sleep
some. mehh, we'll see what happens, toddles.