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2002-06-04 06:39:54 (UTC)

A life, or something like it

Well, I got invited to a local night club to watch the
fights. You can sign up and fight someone within 5lbs of
your weight. You get $50 no matter what, and the winner
gets a trophy and a bar tab. There were the men first.
There were some amazing fights. Now, I have never been a
fan of boxing. I don't understand hurting another person
for sport. I just don't like it. However, for some reason,
I was fascinated. I mean, it was so interesting. There
were a couple guys who just got knocked out. And down they
went. After the guys, it was 2-on-2 tag team girl fight.
And that was interesting too. The girls were allowed to
fight dirty.

The whole crowd was cheering, and yelling and just
enthralled by the violence. And I admit that I got caught
up in it too. But I was also disgusted at the same time.
Why would anyone submit themselves to being repeatedly
punched in the head? Okay, I can understand the defense
aspect, but I see that as a last option in a situation
when words don't work anymore. There was a huge screen
that showed the fight too, so no matter where you were in
the club you could see it.

The sad thing is that I'd go again. I guess it's just like
my opinion on abortion. I'm for the choice, but that
doesn't mean I am going to have one. The opposite (sorta)
is true in this case; just because I don't agree with the
idea, I don't have to participate but I can still watch.
OK, I was wrong. That is not the opposite. But anyways. It
was fun. Though my hair smells like cigarette smoke. Yuck.
And because I broke the soap dish off the wall in the
shower, I can't take a shower because it's being glued
back to the wall. Maybe it'll be dry by morning.


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