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2002-06-04 05:18:45 (UTC)

good god man

well ...wowerz i can't believe it has happened.... i meet a
desent girl this weekend.... she is attractive mentaly and
phisicaly i find that to be something that i havent come
across in a while if not ever... i meet her in the happyest
place on earth... and no its not tj.... thats the second
happiest place on earth lol..... i meet her @ dland......
my trip started on june first of the year 2002.... the day
was spent with my 2 best friends who apperently r named
chris.... we got there early like 10 or 11 and the drive
wasn't too long and i had alot of fun on the drive up
there... well it basicly started out with riding a few
rides which was pritty fun when i hung out with some of my
raver friends and i started to mingle.... and there she
was... the moment i saw her... an elegant angel... a angle
made from god him self... i couldn't build up the currage
to even say hi or smile all i could do was walk away and
socialize some more... i went on a few more rides and i saw
her again but i dismissed it once again because with my
past experiances i wan't sure if i would get urned down or
not.... so i went on my way and some girl comes up to me
and says that she thinks i am cute so of corse i was like
ok what ever and i got her info and when i left her i went
out to my car to change and on the shuttle bus back to th
car there she was... the girl of my desire from b4... i
felt that fate had given me a few hints and basicly if i
didn't take this last hint that i wasn't gunna get any
where so i went for it..... i said hello.... and introdused
my self to her.... she said hello my name is sabrina... a
name that rang in my head likea melodious tune that i han't
heard b4.. and she introdused her friend... we went out to
our cars which were in the same lot... and we got to
talkin... and as fate had it she is movin to san diego the
end of the month wow ohh my god i wan't believing my
ears... i went back to dland with her and wow the more we
talked the more we clicked... i saw the girl from b4 and
she saw me and sabrina holding hands and she was like..."i
thought u didn't have a girlfriend" and i was like "well i
don't and i just meet her and that she was kool".... i went
on my way with her to space mountain andwith sabrina and
the girl followed me like a stalker... but y am i that
desirable... do i need a stalker.... she saw me with
sabrina hugging and thats when she got mad she gave me back
the candy bracelette i had given her and told me to loose
her info... i finaly got into the ride... space mountain i
was ready to embark for this ide but b4 i don't know who
made the first move it was probly me but we kissed... i in
heaven kissing an angle sent from heaven... we went on a
few other rides and and i came up with a poem in my head
which i will write later... when disneyland was closed we
went to sun sett cliffs we waited on this chill place.. we
kissed for a bit and watched the sun rise and i think it
was like magic wowzers i had some much fun this weekend...
in case u don't remember sabrina thisis what i told u and
everything i said i ment... if i was to know nothing more
about u, i would say that that is enough to say that u were
an angle sent from heaven, a hybred of some sort, to
special for mass production and too rare to die. there u go
for now diary ttyl