The Days in My Life...
2002-06-04 04:59:14 (UTC)

WOW..I actually remembered to write an entry today.. (actually it's just cause I'm bored..lol)

Ok, I actually remembered to write in this thing tonite..
arn't u proud of me! I knows I am!!..lol

Ok so 11:30am this morning mom came down and I got some
more stuff from the house, ie. gift for Candice's Baby
shower and my skirt.

30 mins later I was walkin to school to talk to some
people..and check up on when the shower was..and of course
to waste time and get out of the house.

I came home.. went out to Amanda's and we went up the road
to the Doller Store & More. the bank and Shoppers. I bought
some ropey stuff and a pal thingy to put Candice's gifts
in. Than I spent the next 2 hours tryin to fit everything
into that damn pal and tryin to make it look somewhat nice.

Than I cooked some chicken fingers for Nan and I.. she ate
1 and gave the rest of hers to me cause she wasn't hungry.
This is after she asked me to cook some for her. Crazy
Munsy lol.

Than I got ready and went out to Amanda's for a bit and
chatted wit her and after I headed up to the Fire Hall for
the Shower.

At the shower I played bingo, won a wash rag, soap and a
Mr. Noodles, pigged out on food, and me and Amy and Lisa
and other friends of Candice's helped organize and show off
the gifts. After teh majority of us stayed and helped to
clean up. Than I came home (Amy gave me a ride, what a
sweetie..lol) and I came online and this is it..
Well..thats my day/nite.. it mite not sound like much
fun..but it was, specially Amy readin out the cards..lol
It's ok Amy, at least u made us laugh.. :-)