Str8 Girl, Interrupted

My Life is a Drama....
2002-06-04 04:54:53 (UTC)


The past week or so, my past has come back to haunt
me...all the men I've ever been "involved" with have
surfaced. It's mad crazy. Last week, it was Damian F.
Then this weekend...on Saturday...I got a call from
McDonald's (looking for Josh, of course) and it's none
other than Curtis. I haven't talked to him since we broke
up. Then on the same day was my cousin's Lennie's Birthday I inevitably had to see Buck. So, I'm sitting
at Lennie's and Buck and Chad (his brother) rolls up....

Buck: Missy, where's everyone at?
Me: In the house *rolls eyes* duh!
Buck: *blank stare*
He drives off to park and carry beer in.

That's pretty much our whole conversation the whole night.
It was spent avoiding each other...or not avoiding each see who would break first and talk. Neither of
us did, till the end when foughts between my cousin's and
uncles broke out. I ended up going to get Buck when Lennie
tried to hit my Uncle Steve.
Me: Buck!! Go get Lennie...he's about to hit his Dad.
Buck: Oh Shit!!
He throws off his shirt and runs in the house.

So, the whole night consisted of me being a shady ass bitch
and Buck playing it cool, so he doesn't look like an
idiot. At one point, I remember sitting in a corner of the
front porch (isolated) and here comes Buck around the house
and sits directly under me, but off the porch. I'm just I eventually moved.

So after all everyone had left the party and things still
were stirring, cuz Lennie put a gash the size of Texas
in the side of his brothers head with a beer can....I called Buck's
cell phone to see if Lennie was cool.
Buck: Hello?
Me: Hello??
Buck: Hello???
Me: Hello?
Buck: Who the fuck is this?
Me: everything cool with Lennie?
Buck: *silence* Uh...Yah. He's cool.
Me: I'm over at Steve's and he's pissed. Talking crazy
Buck: Really? Well...I'm gonna swing by there see what's
Me: Cool...Thanks.
Buck: No prob.
Me: Talk to ya later. Bye
Buck: Bye

(Of course, I don't remember word for word what was said,
but you get the gist)

Now, I didn't specifie as to which Steve's house I was at
or which Steve was talking crazy shit. He never showed up
at my cousin Steve's house, which I thought was strange. I
just figured he didn't want to see me. So, I let it go.

So, earlier today I picked up Shirley and Steve and took
them somewhere and the events of Saturday night was brought
up and Shirley told me that Buck showed up...Hmmmm....makes
sense. I didn't say which Steve's house I was at. He went
to the wrong place...LOL. Which explains why when I called
him later on Saturday night and he was shady as ever to
me. LMAO. He prolly thought I was being a shady bitch and
ditched his ass again.
Buck: Hello?
Me: Hello??
Buck: Who is this?
Me: Missy....what's up?
Buck: About to go to bed....
Me: Yah, me too. I was just calling to see if everything
was cool and whatever.
Buck: Yah, Lennie's fine.
Me: Alright...Talk to ya later.
Buck: Alright then....bye.
Me: Bye

Can we say shade??? Of course, for a day after Saturday I
was confused as to why he was so shady the second time I
called. I understand now. So, I'm thinking I at least,
owe him an apology call. I don't know though. Sonja said
she overheard him talking about "his girl"...hmmm....if
that's true, I'm happy, but I don't want call and look like
an ass. But Sonja was drunk, so I don't know. Obviously,
he thought I was gonna be at Steve and Shirley's and if he
didn't want to see me, he wouldn't have bothered showing
up. He was apparently upset at me for not being there or
he wouldn't have thrown me a shady tree on my second call.
Anyways, I'm done bitching about Buck for now. Obviously,
I'm confused and don't know what to do, so I'll keep ya'll

Bye all.