The Daily Babble
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2001-06-15 03:34:59 (UTC)

Saying Bye-Bye...

Well today turned out to be a pretty good day...I got outta
my morning class early so I went to work early and emailed
Jeff that we could meet up earlier. [that's a lotta
earlies =-) ]...

Work wasn't to was a little busy at some points...I
went out for lunch [meaning I brought back food for me and
Nimra] was yummy calzone from John's Pizzeria on River
Rd....Then I had to go downstairs to work with the
patients. I don't think Nimra realized how much work she
had me doing cuz I was getting really frustrated. I had to
help with two doctors, so that's double the patients,
double the photocopying, double the computer checking,
double the entries, etc etc etc. And then she wanted me to
make phone calls and what not. So for a while, I was
handling all all the patients and all the doctor's phone
lines and faxing and wasn't fun.

Plus I was supposed to leave at 3:30 and then she kept
saying "wait two minutes" and by the time I left, it was
4!...But when I left, I called Jeff and he was just leaving
his house, so I guess it worked out....I got to school
around 4:20 or so and then he called around 4:30 saying to
meet him outside cuz he didn't have his ID card....

So first we didn't know what to do...all we knew was that
he was hungry hehe....So we were trying to decide where to
go....We ended up deciding to go to Secacus...bad idea...we
hit SO MUCH traffic on Rt. 3, but we had some good
conversation on the way so it was ok....

We ended up going to Pizzeria Uno [after much deliberation
and "arguing" =-) ]...we got nachos and he got pizza and a
yummy brownie bowl dessert. It was some goooood eating!
We talked and had some silly was a lot of fun.

We wanted to watch a movie, but we were practically late
for everything, plus, nothing really good was
then we went to Best Buy and walked around and then to Mill
Creek Mall....And finally headed back to NJIT.

He showed me an advertisement for a cell phone, so I'm
considering getting a different cellphone...under his name
but I'll pay for it....That way I don't have to worry about
who I talk to and stuff. So we'll see what happens. I
gotta start saving up money.

We sat in his car and talked back at NJIT but only for a
little bit cuz he was getting tired, so we said goodbye and
drove off. We just chatted online a lil bit and said our
byes....And I was strong! No crying! Hehe [usually I cry
at everything--for those of you who don't know]...

So all in all, a pretty good day....The next few days are
gonna be hell...I've got papers to write, a wedding to help
with, etc etc etc. But I guess its'll keep me
busy. =-)

Well..that's all for now...g'nite all!