2002-06-04 01:57:37 (UTC)

A weird E.S.P. kinda day.

I had the weirdest dream this night. I didn't meditate
before sleeping like I have done for the past few nights. I
had a feeling of obligation not to. So I didn't meditate.

I had a dream about my 6th period Music Appreciation
teacher. No one likes him. He tends to smile alot, although
when he is pissed all hell brakes loose. He favors the male
So my dream was that I was to attend one of his afterschool
performances. He was talking to me right after school to
attend. I think it was about 7p.m. when I was at the place.
(In my dreams it was St. Hyacinths, the place I had girl
scout meetings.)
It was kinda eerie. Although the shows he does are musical,
secular, this one was a dramatic performance of a dog and a
man. This was freaking me out. On the end the dog turned
into my teacher and I started understanding the dialogue.

This is how this makes sense:

Today we had a test in that class, which as usual I had no
idea of. After I finished I was just sitting there with my
paper flipped on my desk looking around. I found my teacher
grading papers of other students. It seemed as though
inside he was laughing hysterically. He even laughed a
little outloud. He looked at me twice smiling much more
then usual. I walked out of the classroom with the exact
freaked out feeling I had in my dream.

Ain't it weird?

Well there's more. Even weirder. I was thinking was it just
coincidence. I doubt it.

I was on the bus ride back home with the guy from my
division. (Newsflash: He started dating Elizabeth a.k.a.
Pepsi.) We started talking about his wannabe marriage, and
I said something like: It's not real dude. Sure you can
call it a marriage, but who was your preacher? Donald Duck?
He said that actually the guy that was their preacher
online, his screen name was Donald Duck something. (By the
way, he's not married to Pepsi. It's some other chick. He's
bizzare, which pisses me off, but what can I do? Whatever.)

So I'm blown away.