Visions Of Life
2002-06-04 01:54:58 (UTC)

I Have Issues.... La De Da

Damn. Why can't I control my emotions? Why can't I control
my tongue? It keep getting me in trouble and i say things I
dont mean. Rah. Thank the goddess he puts up with it..

All of this being upset is draining me.. I cant focus.. You
try going from suicidal to giddy to depressed to happy to
suicidal to lovey dovy numerous times a day. Im always
cycling and i hav no control over it. AAAAhhhhh! I hate it.
I should prob be on meds and/or seeing a shrink but i wont
take meds and cant afford a shrink so this crazynesss will
remain.. stress seems to trigger cycling.. Love is such the
tool of.. ummm... i dont think wicca has an equivalant to
the devil, so.. ummmm..... im fucked.. lol Anyways. It
makes me crazy.. it makes me floaty. it makes me pissed..
it makes my happy. it makes me crazy. You can never win
with love but at the ame time, you always win. Id rather
have a lifetime of insanity over being in love then live a
day without it. The scariest thing in the world to me is
the thought of waking up without him.

Random annoyance. I hate hate hate with a flaming wrath of
god and all the creatures up in the hallucinatory heaven
and hell passion when people say/type puter instead of
computer or comp. AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! Someone massacre
everyone who uses the word puter. May their horrible,
idiotic souls be reincarnated as butterflies with no
computer knowledge. Pretty but dumb. Kind of like a
cheerleader.. or Britney Spears.. or 3/4 of the preppies in
littleton colorado.. *laughs* muahahaha

You know what else i hate. Peopl who cant speak properly..
I mean, arent americans supposed to be well educated? I
think thats how its supposed to be but the majority of
people dont even know proper verb tenses. Rah! Take a
fuckin english class ya idiots. lol.. again, i can add
Britney to this list.. She has fake breasts so shes can get
away with it but no one else can. I dont mean to be dissin
on Britney... Shes okay.. Shakira is my goddess but id fuck
Britney (up the ass with a strapon)

Im in a weird mood right now. My head hurts, Im exhausted.
Im kind of happy and in a perverted sort of mood.

My birthday is coming up! Yay! Buy me lots of fun things or give me
money.. lol.. sympathy for the poor (she says with a weird english

I think ill end this before peopl wonder if ive been licking toads..
ta ta