Meglomanical Musings
2001-06-15 03:21:50 (UTC)

A Walk in the Park

Here we are in crunch time. My day has been like a never
ending double overtime sudden death match. It is totally
unbelieveable the things that come out of the woodwork to
attack you when you are under stress. Or maybe it is just
that it all seems that way, I don't know. What I do know is
that I have lost my composure at least twice today.
At least I am getting on an early morning flight to Los
Angeles this morning. I just get to spend from 1am until
6:10am in Hartsfield International, a true joy if you've
never experienced it before, let me tell you.
I have also decided that I will not present myself to the
Def Poetry Jam after all. While I like the idea of
potentially being on HBO, I think I might be better served
just getting back into the groove and producing more things
for print and album.
The good points are that I will get to see my wife and son
again for the first time in a while tomorrow morning, and
that makes me very happy. I get to spend Father's Day being
an at home daddy, and this is a very good thing.
I also get a few hours to catch up on some reading, and I
already have some books packed. The down side to that is
that I slipped up and packed the book I really wanted to
crack open, a biography of Pablo Neruda, into a big box and
taped it shut. Oh, well.
Ever have those moments when you seriously wonder what the
next bad event or test will be? I know that I do. It
usually comes from the places you don't expect. While I'm
thinking of it, there was a quote I saw somewhere, "When
man talks to God, it's called prayer. When God talks to
man, it's called schizophrenia..." not that I buy that, but
I guess I'm schizo in that regard. There comes a time when
a person may finally realize that we are not living in the
only dimension, and God is not a little boy frying ants
with a magnifying glass.
God is not the one that jerks around with your life, and
doing bad things to you. True, God allows these things to
happen, but never anything that you do not have the
intestinal fortitude or strength to overcome. Sometimes
things HAVE to be difficult, otherwise we can't look at the
Enemy and say, "Yeah, you THOUGHT you had me, you
Well, that's roughly my rant for the day, to dissolve the
nasty nag mails I've been getting from this server, but
will be yelping again before I get home next week. I really
need this breather, and to be honest, I can't wait to move
back to Los Angeles. I predict around Halloween.
Take care, everybody. Operators are standing by...