Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-06-04 01:30:03 (UTC)

Im just a kid and life is a nightmare

I really hope no one takes my inane ramblings seriously.

Band practice today... my whole day built up to it. Lol.
Well, we got nuthing accomplished, but I did learn some
stuff. I know I dont suck as hard as I think I do, but Im
really not that good. OddBall8 includes: Carlos
(drummer/manager), Matt (guitar/singer/leader), Chris
(guitar/singer), Mark? (singer), Me (bass/singer). We all
sing at some point. I just got in the band a little while
ago... I had nothing to do with the name. I should ask
them how they came up with it. But Carlos got this AWESOME
new drum set. Its so pretty!!!

Im so nervous, and scared... I fly to NY tomorrow... I get
to see my baby!!! Gosh, I miss him. And Mary, and my old
home... I miss that place. Ive been running around like a
mad woman today, doing stuff. Its crazyness.

Mom made cookies. *grin*

Well, I guess this is adieu.

Sakleem wants me to pick 2 of his fighers for Tekken 4.
That is a big deal!!! Im not good enough for that!!!

Anyways... back to adieu...


I love you too mary, and sakleem, and huggles.