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2002-06-04 01:07:07 (UTC)

Only 5 more days of school left


Okay.. I was looking for something on the computer, for
something to write on a online Journal. Why the hell do
they call the diaries?? I think that mine is going to be
called a Journal. I didn't do much today.... I just woke
up, got ready for school. My friend wasn't being very nice
today.. Oh well.. she has her good days and mostly bad
days. Oh well. First period is the most boring period of
the day. 2nd period we just took notes on what's going to
be on our exams. 3rd period. I just wrote notes back and
forth to my friend-I also got sent out in the hallway (for
talking) Oh well Mrs. Weiser is fat bitch anyway!!! Ha ha
ha. 4th period is lunch.. Mmmmmm lunch!!! I bought a piece
of pepperoni pizza. Yuck.. Talk about greasy. My friend Jen
kicked me and put a hole in my skin, so I threw a bottle of
gatorate on her.. Ha ha ha.. 5th period I took an algebra
quiz I think I did good on it...... 6th period listened to
my fat teacher Mrs. Reed yell at some people in my class.
It's funny how she walks she looks like a waddling penguin.
7th period some people in my class went to go to an
assembly... Umm.. we did nothing in that class. And after
school I had to go to the mall and get my friend a present
for her birthday. That was after school. I also did
something that I'm not suppose to do oops!!!! Uh oh I hope
cops don't read this.. And and I got locked out of my
house. And right now I'm just talking on the phone with my
sweetie!!! So I'm going to go now see ya later..