Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
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2002-06-04 01:01:10 (UTC)

Like the tidying of a house, It Never Ends

Started my Role Playing Game AGAIN, this time due to the
disk containing the data being destroyed. Lost all the
custom images I had. Need to find them all again, either
online or on another CD I made, I recall making about 5
different ones throughout the stages of my RPG Maker
career. At least this gives me the chance to make an even
better RPG where the characters won't know each other at
the start. Means more potentialy fun events. Graeme bought
Final Fantasy X today, that lucky git. I want to play it.
He's coming round Thursday probably, means I get to have a
go and like all games (except Gran Turismos) I get to
show off. He's also bring his leather jacket with him so
Ruth can pick it up next time she's in my company. At
least someone will be pleased, for a while anyway.

Found a CD with my RPG Maker data on it, but its like the first one
I EVER made. So its about 10 months old. Good news is it has most of
the original files I need, so I won't have to work too much to get
my RPG characters up to full speed again. Joy to the World.