No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-06-04 00:48:55 (UTC)

I hung out with them

hey! well, I went to band practice tonight. They
accomplished nothing. lol. But it was fun anyways. They are
crazy, but they are still my friends. I wasnt going to go
becasue this one Carlos doesnt like me and I thought it was
the same guy. Coem to find out...they guy who doesn't like
me is Carlo. Yeah, big 's'. lol. Yeah, I
went through old e-mais to figure that out. *sigh* tricia
said Matt would tell me whatever it is when he saw me and
he saw me. But guess what? Yeah he didn't tell me. Oh well.
lol. He has an awesome voice...he should really sing like
himslef more often. When he sings Manson he's awesome. I
hate that says a lot. It's because he loves
Manson. *sigh* I need help. Well, I think I'll shut-up. bye!