sex kitten

life of a porn star
2002-06-03 23:18:36 (UTC)

30 second 3some

well yesterday i graduated from high school. whoo hoo. then
i was supposed to go to canada and drink with maggie,
cathrine , and lu. so maggie didnt call us so we went to
her house. her dad told us that she couldnt go out. so we
went back to cathrines house and drank. so i hadlik 7
grinks and i was laughing and shit and i cme backfrom th
bathroom and they were on the floor making out so i got on
them and i was just playin and we were joking about a
threesome. so i was like lets do a 3 way kiss. bc i had
nevr done that, so cthrine was like well just kiss lu
first. so i did and it was ok. then i kissed them both at
the same time. then we were just sitting there laughing so
hard. so then they start making out agian and i was right
next to them and drunk so i started kissing cathrines neck
and then i was kissing lu again. so then while i think this
is going nowhere cathrine starts rubbing my leg and my
crotch. well then she was like no guys we cannot do this.
and they went upstairs. s that was the end of my fun. i
puked a few times in there too. nowi am home and im bored.
saturday i am having my gradution party, hop it doesnt suck

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