The life of an almost teen!
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2000-10-22 19:27:16 (UTC)

october 22, sunday Dear Friend,..

october 22, sunday
Dear Friend,
Hey, this is my first entree ever!!! I fell as if I am talking to
a friend when I write in diarys!!!!Well my name is rebecca I am in
the 7th grade. I am 12. 13 in may! I have 3 brothers and no sisters!
Yes, I know it sucks!!!!
Last night I had a halloween party! It was lots of fun! I live in
the middle of the woods so, me and 4 of my friends went out in the
woods at dark! Me and my other friend took off and turned of our
flashlights! We walked up the hill and hid behind a tree. I herd my
frend say"were'd they go?" and the someone else said"I think they
went that way" pointing the oppisite way than me and jess. We then
ran up the road (that leads to my house) and behide the side. I
yelled "guys where are you?" To amke them think I got lost! They
where yelling stuff that I couldn't make out!!!! So me and Jess keep
yelling and hiding. Then to trow them of I turned on my flashlight
and laid it down on the ground and ran! Then they came russing to the
light and they thought that I droped it! So then they went the other
way! Me and Jess came up with a plan! On the count of 3 I was going
to let out a blood curtaing screem!!!!! 1...2...3 Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
My friends started to screem and me a Jess came out laughting our
heads off! We thougt is was very funny!!!!!! Well I better go!
You friend,