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2002-06-03 21:52:51 (UTC)

Little Details

alright, the writing is done and the money is starting to
be saved. My costs are running up. It's time for the
artsy stuff in my poetry to take flight. I'm looking for
an illustrator. I need a cover to be designed for my
work. From there I'll have to work wonders and find ways
to incorporate photography and imagery into my final
product. From here, it's the hard stuff...the artsy stuff
for me.
I've finished Sweetheart and apparently, the Justice Byrds
are finished too. Because the website is down. Pity.
I may be doing some open mics and spot dates over the next
few weeks as I feel I need to tour. I'm also considering
putting my poetry on disk. It seems like a fun thing to
do. But first, I have to finish the book and all the
wonderful little details now. In the coming weeks
hopefully some of those little details can crop up on my
site and some other places.
Hope you have a nice day and talk to you all later.
The Mad Scientist

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