Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
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2002-06-03 21:28:07 (UTC)


today is monday. yesterday i whuz sunday. i didn't do
anythin' too excitin' worth tellin' 'bout. i whuz ova at
erinz yesterday and i whuz lookin' at sum of her picz and i
saw da finezt pic of hector. damn he'z a fine mexican.
anywayz i had to call his sexy self. haha. anywayz he whuz
mad at first cuz i said he i didn't like him n e more 'bout
a week b4. but i apologized and shit and itz all good now.
and he aint gotta gurl no more. nowz my time. haha. anywayz
da more i talk to andrew da more i like him. cuz he'z too
sweet. anywayz he'z got a gurl. but he still likez me a
lot. i think i'm gonna go for hector right now. and who
knoz afta dat. anywayz today i whuz suppose to go ova to
hectorz but i didn't wanna try bcuz i'd have to walk and i
kno i'd get lost so i whuz like mayb i'll c him sum otha
time. he'z fine but damn he livez a wayz away. he came ova
to my house last time so itz kinda my turn. oh well. haha.
umm is der anythin' else to say...andrewz sweet but hectorz
fine and i'm a shallow person so u kno. so much confusin'
wit guyz. anywayz i'm going shopping wit my gurlz jenn and
steph tonite. it outz to be fun. i luv shopping. we're
leavin' in like 30 minz. so datz how my nightz going. i luv
summa. so exciting, so amusing. haha i'z out!