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2002-06-03 21:02:56 (UTC)


Ok, the baby weighs 6 pounds, 12 and a half ounces. He is
18 and 3/4 inches long. I guess my niece started having
pains Sunday morning and they left for the hospital at
about 3 am. I haven't been up to see her yet, but I think
I'm gonna buy her and the baby something and then go take
it to her. I think they said shes getting out of the
hospital Wednesday so I don't know if I'll get up to the
hospital before then or not. Bob is on vacation for about
2 weeks and so I get the honorable task of taking his
place.(yea right, ha!) Receiving is up so it keeps me
busy. I have to work tomorrow without having to show up at
work. Beth and I are going to a first aid class in
Moline. She said its s'posed to last from 8 to 3. They're
s'posed to write me in at work so I can just go to the
seminar without going to work and punching in and then
coming all the way back. See how that all goes. At least
I won't be using as much gas driving to work. I had a
dream about her again last night. Funny, it seems the less
I see her the more I dream about her. We were making out
again. I can't remember where, but it was on a bed
somewhere. The kids are getting out of school so I was
wondering if her kid was out of school yet. I wonder if
thats why they went up to the Dells this last weekend. A
getting out of school present? Could be. Well, I'm just
chillin out. Seeing whats gonna happen next. Ever see The
Truman Show with Jim Carrey? They have this button on this
ladies shirt. It says, "How's it gonna end?" Then
Carrey's character asks the lady, "I was wondering that
myself." So thats what I'm doing right now. Wondering how
its all gonna end. Of course I know how I'd like it to
end. Her and I ending up together and loving with all we
got. Thats what I wanna give her. All of me. Well, guess
thats it for now. Take care of yourself. I'll be doing
the same. Love you, BYE!!!