Big whoaday
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2001-06-15 01:28:19 (UTC)

Near Death!!!

Dear Journal,
Today, i ahd a near death expirence. Today, June 14th,2001
was my fourth day at behind the wheel,and we were driving
down Magruder road.. andthis lady spoeeds infront of me so
i allow her room to pass and sshe never changes lanes...so
i sped up to reglar speed up right beside she all of the
sudden comes over wirh out even looking and my instructor
moves the wheel so we are onto the grass and the
ladycontoinues finally notices what she did and moves back.
during the whole thing, my instructor, never told me i
should not hit ther brake, but for some reason i elt a
Presence (God) tell em not to. Come to find out had i hit
the brake, I woud have spun, hit the lady's car and flipped
five or six times!!, probably dying!!1 SCARY!! I just think
the lord i am safe, but good news, tommorow i get....Da da
dada...My LICENSE!!!!1 So that is cool!! Hmm, other things
going on oh yeah i called andrea last night, she cursed at
me, and got really defensive, today she called me twice, to
which i answered neither. First time was becuase i had
dialed her number earlier, second timje was she wanted to
know if i was mad at her....hmmmm. Well anyways, journal, i
am off for now, Talk to you later Peace!!!

Brian Norris
June 14th,2001